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I would highly recommend PMR Fitness. I started attending Paul’s classes with little fitness and a dislike of exercise in general, but I’m hooked! I’ve felt myself getting stronger each week, Paul is fantastic at giving tips in a positive and encouraging way, and dare I say, I look forward to the classes! You will absolutely love it!

Jen Callard



A great class, great variety and changeable each week.

Diane Knowles



In the past i have tried various types of exercise classes and with few exceptions haven't found any i wanted to stick with. Since finding Paul's classes my whole attitude to exercise has changed and as well as attending his classes I also joined the gym and go several times a week. His classes are friendly, not in any way intimidating and he always adapts to your ability and comfort. Also brilliant for mental health and stress relief!


Rachel Taylor


Would highly recommend. Great workouts for all abilities. The trainer is motivating and professional.

Leanne Fairfax


I’ve been going to the body sweat sessions for over 6 months now and I really enjoy them and the variety of exercises. Prior to attending I did not exercise regularly but Paul is really mindful of differing abilities and there is no judgement, just encouragement to help you improve. I’ve noticed a real difference in my stamina and ability since starting the class and really look forward to the sessions. I find it a great way to help de-stress after work!

I’ve also had a 1-1 session with Paul to help with my back. My job is largely desk based and so I sit for large portions of the day which has caused discomfort. The session really helped to identify where the problem was and stretch out my back. Paul was able to provide a number of exercises that I can do at home to stop this becoming a bigger issue.

Jenny Lloyd

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